Hello readers, I'm Dan Miller.

I’m a professional genealogist specializing in eastern European family history research, and I created this site dnatestingreviewed.com to help readers like you select suitable at-home DNA testing kits.

Throughout my career, I have helped many people trace their lineages – from finding their long lost family members to uncovering their biological parents and identifying their ancestors and forming family trees.

So you can rest assured that it is well worth the effort considering the meanings and positive impacts it will bring to your lives. I have lost counts the number of times I have people telling me that they “should have tested it earlier,” and seeing the great satisfaction in someones face after discovering their biological roots give me the confidence to tell you that you too should give DNA testing a try.

Note that I am well aware that the current commercial at-home DNA testing kits are not perfect. If you have conducted a bit of online research, you would know that there are many false positives, vague findings or even straight-out inaccurate information. It is true that at the current stage, commercial DNA testing kits are far from the level of accuracy compared to a professional genealogist. 

However, I do believe that it has great potential to deliver highly reliable results as companies continue to improve their dataset and testing kits. That means the only thing I could do now is to undertake the intensive works to select, compare, and review the quality testing kits on the market so you can discover your ancestry roots as reliably and cost-effectively as possible.